2023_7 Preeya leaves the lab to start her own lab at UC Berkeley!
2023_7 Jaekyung leaves the lab to start his own lab at KAIST!
2022_7 Karunesh can now simply profess! (does not have to assist or associate)
2021_9 Congrats to Preeya Khanna for being awarded a K99/R00 fellowship!
2021_7 Congrats to Jaekyung Kim for being awarded a K99/R00 fellowhship!
2021_7 Dr. Sravani Kondapavulur!
2020_12. Kate Derosier and Stefan Lemke are Dr. Derosier and Dr. Lemke!!
2020_11. Ling Guo is now Dr. Guo!!
2020_10 NIH Brain Initiative R01 funded!
2020_10 Our first paper on chronic ECoG BCI is published in Nature Biotechnology; an amazing team effort! (Daniel, Reza, Nick, Nikhilesh)
2020_5 NINDS R01 on translation of stimulation for stroke funded!
2019_11. Congrats to Preeya (F32 Fellowship) and Harman (AHA Fellowship)!!
2019_11 VA RRD I01 grant renewed.
2019_8 Jaekyung’s paper accepted to Cell. Art by KG gets selected for the Cover!
2019_5 Stefan’s paper accepted to Nature Neuroscience.
2018_4 Dhakshin/Ling/Tanuj’s paper is accepted to Nature Medicine.
2017_8 Tanuj’s paper accepted to Nature Neuroscience. Cover!
2016_9 Karunesh receives NIH Brain Initiative R01
2016_4 Tess receives NDSEG Fellowship!
2015_10 Karunesh receives NIH Director’s New Innovator Award.
2015_10 Karunesh receives a VA RR&D Merit Award/Grant.
2015_7 Stefan & Ling joins the la!.
2014_8 Our first paper is published! (Nature Neuroscience). Cover!
2014_4 Karunesh meets President Obama to receive PECASE award!