Lab Philosophy. We are devoted to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all researchers and students. We recognize that certain voices have been historically marginalized within the STEM field and aim to create a lab culture and environment that welcomes all ideas and perspectives. Further, we recognize that in order to advance technologies and research that serve a diverse population, we must not only have a diverse group of individuals, but also foster a supportive environment where individuals feel welcome and valued in the lab so we can do our best work to advance neuro-technologies


Principal Investigator
​Karunesh Ganguly, MD PhD     –  UCSF Profile

Research Faculty
Adelyn Tsu, DO – Neurology
Nikhilesh Natraj, PhD — Neurology, Professional Researcher
Sergio Arroyo MD PhD — Neurology, Assistant Professor (VA CDA2)
Harman Ghuman, PhD – Neurology, Professional Researcher
Hoseok Choi, PhD – – Neurology, Professional Researcher

Postdoctoral Fellows
Kyungsoo Kim, PhD
Sarah Seko, PhD
Ian Heimbuch, PhD – (Weill Fellowship)
Cameron Woodward, PhD
Aviv Mizrahi-Kliger, MD PhD
Behraz Farrokhi, PhD
Ruben Contreras-Lopez, PhD

Graduate Students
Sandon Griffin – Neuroscience, MSTP
Francisco Aparicio – Neuroscience (NSF Fellowship)
Yasmin Graham – Bioengineering
Linmeng He – Neuroscience (AHA Fellowship)
Hongyi Yan – Bioengineering
Ian Okidhain – Bioengineering (NSF Fellowship)
Runfeng Miao – Bioengineering
Zixuan Wang – Neuroscience
Samanatha Coury – Bioengineering (NDSEG)

Research Assistants
Sapeeda Barati
Faith Hawley
Lisa Novak
Katie Hilber

Posdoctoral Fellows
Preeya Khanna, PhD– (NIH K99/R00 -> Assistant Professor, UC Berkeley)
JaeKyung Kim, PhD – (NIH K99/R00 -> Assistant Professor, KAIST)
Dhakshin Ramanathan (Assistant Professor, UCSD)
Tanuj Gulati, PhD (NIH K99/R00 -> Assistant Professor, Cedars Sinai)
Reza Abiri, PhD (Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island)
Mark Burish (Assistant Professor, UT Health Center)
Doug Totten, PhD – (Navigation Algorithms/Machine Vision, ARA)
Jason Godlove, PhD (Data Scientist/Remote Rehab Therapy, Constant Therapy)

Graduate Students
Daniel Silversmith, PhD! – (Bioengineering, Software Analytics/Machine Learning, Myriad Genetic)
Tess Veuthey, PhD! – (Neuroscience, MSTP, NDSEG Fellow –> Stanford Neurology Resident)
Ling Guo, PhD! – (Neuroscience, ATAR Fellow –> Machine Learning, Eko and then Postdoctoral Fellowship)
Kate Derosier, PhD! – (Neuroscience)
Stefan Lemke, PhD! – (Neuroscience, AHA Grant –> Fulbright Grant, Postdoctoral Fellow)
Sravani Kondapavulur, PhD! – (Bioengineering, MSTP –> UCSF Neurosurgery Resident)
Darevsky, David, PhD! – (Bioengineering, MSTP, F31 Fellowship –> MS3)

Research Assistants
Chelsey Rodriguez (Graduate School in Bioengineering @ Harvard)
April Hishinuma (Graduate School in Computer Science)
Jenny Trieu (Graduate School in Bioengineering)
Chelsea Wong (Graduate School, UCSF)
Arsheep Kaur (Graduate School, Tulane)
Jas Kaur (Graduate School)
Berky Gebrekristos (MD, PMNR Resident @Harvard)
Kathy Thiesen (CNPRC Staff)

We are always looking for new colleagues! Please send CV and statement of interest to