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    Featured Publications.
    Neurophysiology inspired neuromodulation
    ​Khanna et al., Low-frequency stimulation modulates ensemble co-firing and restores dexterity after stroke. Cell 2021
    Ramanathan*, Guo*, Gulati* et al, Low frequency cortical activity is a neuromodulatory target that tracks recovery after stroke. Nature Medicine 2018

    Active processing of task ensembles during sleep
    Kim et al, Competing roles of slow oscillations and delta waves on memory consolidation versus forgetting. Cell 2019
    Gulati et al, Neural reactivations during sleep determine network credit assignment. Nature Neuroscience 2017
    Lemke et al., Offline changes in corticostriatal network connectivity drive automaticity. eLife 2021
    Kim J et al., Impaired sleep-dependent consolidation after stroke – interaction of slow waves, rehabilitation and GABA. Cell Reports 2022

    Role of cross-area dynamics in skill learning and recovery
    Lemke et al, Emergent modular neural control drives coordinated motor actions. Nature Neuroscience 2019
    Veuthey T*, Derosier K*, et al., Single-trial cross-area neural population dynamics during long-term skill learning. Nature Communications 2020
    Guo L, et al., Coordinated increase of reliable cortical and striatal ensemble activation during recovery after stroke. Cell Reports 2021​
    Kondapavulur S et al. Transition from predictable to variable motor cortex and striatal ensemble patterning during behavioral exploration. Nature Communications. 2022

    Translation of BCIs
    Silversmith*,Abiri*,Hardy*,Natraj* et al, Plug-and-play control of a brain-computer-inteface through neural map stabilization. Nature Biotechnology 2020​
    Natraj N et al., Compartmentalized dynamics within a common multiarea mesoscale manifold represent a repertoire of human hand movements. Neuron 2021

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